Our assortment of delicious cheese

Here you can read about the cheese we produce in our dairy. Many cheeses are available for purchase in stores but if you want to try all the cheeses you can come to our farm. Regards Marianne Pallars.

Blue cheese

Karsjö Blå

With a little stronger taste of blue mold character you get a cheese which is a little firmer and drier.The cheese ripens slowly and therefore gives a richer flavor. A perfect cheese with a glas of a rich red wine.

Viks Blå

A nice creamy cheese with a lovely but not too strong flavor. Just gets tastier as it matures.  A fine cheese especially nice with a dry cheese biscuit.

Tant Grön (Aunt Green)

Tant Grön gives you a fresh smooth flavor with a feeling of summer.
Tastes good after just one month of maturing. But give a richer flavor with time.

Hiklack´s Maran

We produce an unpasteurized cheese that is being matured for more than 60 days. This cheese is more flavourful as the flavouring agent remains in the cheese because it is not pasteurized.  You will experience the ultimate enjoyment  of a this cheese due to its fresh, nutty and strong after-taste. you get the ultimate enjoyment of the cheese.Very popular!


White mould cheese


A creamy and fine mild cheese. Cambolina goes well on a cheese platter together with more flavourable cheeses. A very nice feature is to order a large Cambolina for a summer buffet table.

Fröken Vit

This cheese, where white and blue mould are mixed giving the cheese  a very special character .  It looks like a Cambolina but differs in that the blue mould grows inside the cheese making it an even tastier white cheese that everyone loves!  Many customers prefer this type of cheese.




This is a softer type of cheese and the taste is at its best after one week of maturing and improves with age. This cheese is liked by everyone and especially by those who do not appreciate the excellence of a mould cheese.  A very good cheese for cooking.

Whiskeyrökt färskost

You will probably  not have tasted a cheese like this before.  We have asked a friend in Harmånger to smoke a fresh cheese with Mackmyra Whiskey!  This cheese with its distinctive flavour of whiskey has  become an immediate favourite.

Järvsö ostkaka (cheese cake)

This saffron has been brushed on top to obtain a golden surface. This is a product that has been produced on the farm for several generations. The producers of cheese cake all have learned how to make it from an older relative. A cheese cake can be very different depending on who and where it is made. The ingrediances in our cheesecake is only milk, wheat flour, rennet and a little saffron. It is best enjoyed with a good fruit sauce or mixed berries with whipped cream.


We make several kinds of cheeses suitable for salads.  These are marinated in oil and spices. Apart from salads the cheese can amazingly well be used in all sorts of cooking. Our four varieties are Olivia, Rosé, Garlic and Chilina. Remember to use the oil in salads or as a marinade for meat.


A very creamy cheese with various seasonings. A great cheese on­­ meat and chicken for barbecue. We have Lemon Pepper and Tarragon, Green Pepper/Rosé mix and Pepparstubben (black peppar). (Available only during the summer months.)