The Dairy

JarseOst is run by Marianne Pallars. Production started in 2007 when the building of the dairy was completed. Curdling takes place about three time a week but the work in the dairy is an ongoing process every day of the week.  Marianne has one assistant – Gunnel Nilsson. 
 Gunnel Nilsson                                    Marianne Pallars

 We are a small dairy that makes cheese by hand because we love cheese!  Everything is done by hand to get an authentic taste and give the cheeses we produce in the dairy the right flavours.   Marianne is the driving force in the company and manufactures along with our employee Gunnel some fifteen different cheeses. All can be purchased in various stores around the county of Gävleborg.
If you want to visit the farm you are welcome to do so as well and at the same time buy one or two or more of our good cheeses!

Background history

Many people ask us how the idea of a dairy originated.  It all started with Marianne’s delicious cheese cakes.  However, to make cheese cakes for sale your premises must be approved by the health authorities, so we started dreaming and planning. Initially, we had had plans to increase the number of cows to maximise the milk production and sales thereof thereby increasing the farm’s income.  But the idea of a dairy on the farm would give us a new opportunity. At this time, Marianne’s son Olle was  studying  to become  a land surveyor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp and he started to check the regulations  for building a small dairy on a farm.  In 2005, Marianne attended a course at Eldrimner in Ås  in the county of Jämtland where she trained in cheese making and the idea of a dairy grew.  The dairy would not only make cheese cake but also producing gourmet cheeses .  Serious planning for a dairy started in the Autumn of 2005.  In the Summer and  Autumn of 2006 the construction was in full swing. In February 2007, the dairy was approved by the authorities and the cheese making production stated.